About Us

Big Daddy is not my real name. The moniker was given to me by a good friend who doesn’t talk to me anymore. But the name stuck and ultimately I was glad. My real name defies nicknames. Or at least nicknames to which I would even deign to answer.

This is my personal blog. I have a professional blog elsewhere, that I post about user interface design and information professional stuff.

I have my MLS, obtained in May, 2012, from the University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Science. I’m a card-carrying librarian. Except they don’t give you a card for that and I don’t work in a library anymore. Right now I’m a user interface designer for a large insurance provider. Because I missed my little punks specifically and the library in general I volunteer once per week to teach coding to any of my punks who show up. All the original little punks from my library days are grown up and having kids of their own. That’s a weird feeling.

The rest of the time I’m a fairly to completely hilarious person who expects no one but her friends to read this. Don’t know yet about family. Most are Mormon and I already used the phrase “shit-be-gone” in my second post so we’ll see if they read it. My brother and sister both have families so they might not have time to read it. My mom is still getting caught up on the whole Internet thing but I bet she’ll read it when I show her how. To read blogs, I mean. My mother can read.

I’ll probably write most about what I think (hence the title), maybe throw in a few of my more bizarre dreams, random observations, overheard conversations, my trips, rants and interesting stuff about my pets.

In late 2015 I started rescuing Boston terriers through the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue. Two years in and I had care of 18 dogs, either for an afternoon or for six months. I also have a foster failure, Sweetie. On any given day I have 3 or more dogs roaming around.

My past pets…

My present dog is Lacey Louise, an 11-year old Boston terrier rescued from the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue group. She joined me in June, 2012. She showed a tendency early on to turn away and, if forced, to leave the room when her photo is being taken. By tiring her out (she’s a Golden Girl, after all) I was able to get this photo. I think it looks like a Hallmark crazy card.

My former (beloved) dogs were  a Boston terrier named Ruby  and an ancient lab-mutt named D.O.G. One might have spelled his name phonetically but Dee-Oh-Gee that was too pretentious for this cool old dude. Ruby passed in August, 2010. DOG had his opposite-of-birthday the year before, in 2009. My Boog and Pal are gone but not forgotten.

Here is my favorite photo of them, titled, “Good Citizens of the Republic of Big Daddy”.

As you read my posts, you’ll notice I am a fan of the parenthetical aside. I once read a book where the author inserted hilarious footnotes. I was inspired and tried this. It didn’t come naturally. I returned immediately to my old friend, the parenthesis. I read voraciously (this is not the reason I’m becoming a librarian, many librarians don’t read) and this affects my vocabulary which is prodigious. I growed up in Idaho, meaning I have to pepper my writing (and speech, too) with a few homespun phrases. Homage to my roots, dontcha know. They did have books in Idaho which I read steadily until I was old enough to leave. I haven’t lived in nearly as many places as I intended to when I left Idaho but there have been a few. Pittsburgh, PA, and Boston, MA, mainly. Now I live in Phoenix AZ. Not as ideal for all the travel still left to do but not unfortunately located, either.